Why we do what we do

We believe quality doesn’t come at a cost.

Our work and service brightens your day. And at the heart of everything we do is trust.

Command Electrical Ltd Our Values (1)

Our vision

To be better than the rest.

Customers come to us because they know and trust the service we give. We are reliable, friendly and the best at what we do – the local electrician but with the professionalism of a big business.

We have built a business where everyone benefits – our customers and our team.

Happy customers. Happy team.

Command Electrical Ltd Our Values (2)

Care about the Details

We’re the Rolls Royce of electricians. We care for the work we do, how we do it and the impact on the customer.

What it looks like:

Care: care for the work we do, introducing ourselves to the customer, empathy, knowing the customer and their needs, ownership and responsiblyility

Details: attention to detail, going the extra mile, polite and tidy

Professional with Personality

We run like a big business – organised, focussed and professional but think out of the box. We have character and charm. And fun along the way.

What it looks like:

Professional: safety first, we’re number 1 – great at what we do, high level of work, challenging and punctual, care about appearance, organised.

Personality: supporting each other, coaching, self-aware, happy team, social, enjoy working together – we’re all mates, a great vibe, approachable.

Quality is king

The service we give and work we do is always better than the rest. We put our customers first and always deliver value. We live up to our reputation – every time.

What it looks like:

Quality is king: value for money, quality of work, great feedback from customers, explaining the job to customers (before and after), our customers never feel ripped off.

Doing it Together

Whether it’s as a team or with our customers, we work as a partnership. It’s all about win-win.

What it looks like:

Doing it Together: team spirit is everything, we are diverse but connected, open and have honest conversations if things aren’t working, we think about the impact on each other and our customers, thoughtful, and we help each other out.

Always with Integrity

Trust, honesty and respect – the foundation on which we are built.

What it looks like:

Always with Integrity: Saying ‘no’ to the wrong jobs, honest to each other and our customers, generous, honest, trust to do the right thing, always look out for each other, safe.